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Once you have registered to our school, you become a temporary member of The American Institute nonprofit organization. This means for the semester of your membership you have free access to all additional services and activities. Check out Clubs & Activities for more information. 

All Group Courses
30 hours total| 2 hours per week | 15 weeks
Group courses run per semester (Fall, Spring, Summer). Upon completion of a group course, you receive a certification of the level you have completed 


PRICE: 3600 Kn l 477 € (4 instalments)

            3200 Kn l 424 € (payment upfront)

Members returning and family add ons are eligible for discounts

10/15/30 hours  | recommended 2 hours per week | 15 weeks 
Individual lessons are perfect for those who have a busy schedule. You are able to pick and chose the dates and times of your lessons. The lessons are customized and catered to your exact needs and interests. 


PRICE: 10 (2240Kn l 297 €  ) 15 (2880Kn l 382 €) 30 (4800Kn l 637 €) 

Kinder (ages 4-6) | 15 weeks | 1 or 2 times a week
Lessons in this group are fun, interactive, and experiential. We start right at the beginning with the alphabet and phonics. 


PRICE: 3200Kn l 2/week 424 €
            1920 Kn 1/week 254 €
Exam Preparation 
Recommended 2 hours per week | 30 hours | 15 weeks
This is a very specific course intended to prepare the student for a particular test 


PRICE: 3200-6600 Kn l 424 € +
 (depending on which test, group, or individual lessons) 
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