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Once you become a member

Once you have registered to our school, you become a temporary member of The American Institute nonprofit organisation.

Benefits to membership:

  • consultation with language advisor 

  • personalised program/course 

  • extra learning materials 

  • access to tracking system

  • access to events and clubs (extra practice)

  • access to library and book rentals 

  • certificate of level completion (after 30+ hours)

  • most importantly you receive RESULTS

English Group Course
30 hours total| 2 hours per week | 15 weeks
Group courses run per semester (Fall, Spring, Summer). Upon completion of a group course, you receive a certification of the level you have completed 


PRICE: 620 € (4 instalments) | Shakespeare Membership

             550 € (payment upfront) | Hemingway Membership

Members returning and family add ons are eligible for discounts
"Recommend a Friend" and get an extra discount!

Individual English Course
10/15/30 hours  | recommended 2 hours per week | 15 weeks 
Individual lessons are perfect for those who have a busy schedule. You are able to pick and chose the dates and times of your lessons. The lessons are customized and catered to your exact needs and interests. 



10 hours (390 € ) Tolkien Membership
15 hours (500 €)  Fitzgerald Membership                   

30 hours (750 €) Pratchett Membership

Kinder English Course (ages 4-6) | 15 weeks | 1 or 2 times a week
Lessons in this group are fun, interactive, and experiential. We start right at the beginning with the alphabet and phonics. 


PRICE: 2/week 550 € | Hemingway Membership
            1/week 330 € | Twain Membership
Exam Preparation 
Recommended 2 hours per week | 30 hours | 15 weeks
This is a very specific course intended to prepare the student for a particular test 


PRICE: 550 € + | Angelou Membership
 (depending on which test, group, or individual lessons) 
CV Creation and Editing 
90 minutes + Free initial consultation
Not getting the jobs you deserve? Let us help, we work with you to create the most effective CV to get you recognised. 


PRICE: 60 € | Cline Membership
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