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The American Institute offers quality English language lessons by experienced native English-speaking teachers. We offer a free consultation to help guide you in your education journey. We promote a sense of community, as well as the American culture through our teaching.


Our students are locals and foreigners who wish t0 develop their English skills. We have beginners (A1 level) to advanced (C2 level) students, ranging from 4  to 70+years of age. Our group lessons place students with other like-minded students and teachers to create an environment that is best for growing.


Our mission is to lead, support, and develop learners providing them with a solid foundation of English language knowledge. We want all of our students to enjoy learning and to feel comfortable in real-world scenarios. Our goal is to support and nurture life-long learning 


Our vision is for our students to communicate effectively in the real world using the  English language. We focus on comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and ever- expanding vocabulary to build practical and critical thinkers. Our core value is to build a sense of community through our students and to allow them to become effective citizens representing the Croatian and American cultures.

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