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English For 


Tečaj engleskog Zagreb, škola stranih jezika

Do your colleagues need more confidence to speak, read, or write in English?

Our teachers have extensive experience in teaching professionals like you how to become effective and efficient


Let's get you started: 

Step 1 Consultation with client

Step 2  We develop course for your company

Step 3  Review course syllabus to ensure we                 are focusing on company needs  

Step 4  We start the course! 

Step 5  Final assessment of those enrolled 

English Lessons

Corporate - Business - Professional

The American Institute offers custom-made courses for corporate clients. We offer both group and individual courses. They can be live (in the client's workplace or our school) or online, depending on our client's wishes. 

Each client will receive a free consultation and assessment. Both are important in order to offer the best possible feedback and curriculum based on individual needs.


The prices vary depending on several factors: the size of the group, the number of lessons, the location of the lessons, and textbook requirements.

We will gladly create an invoice/offer based on your needs.


Aside from a free consultation and assessment, our clients or their employers will receive progress reports, end-of-course testing, and a certificate upon request.

Contact us for a free quote or assessment.

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